Serenity 2000 Magnetic Eye Mask


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  • IMPROVED SLEEP: The magnetic field produced by our mask helps to relieve stress and tension, leaving you to enjoy a deep, rejuvenating sleep, every night.
  • ABSOLUTE COMFORT: Soothing luxurious lining with adjustable strap to fit all sizes. Can be used on many areas of the head or face.
  • POWERFUL MAGNETS: The 12 small neodymium magnets used in each mask will penetrate 3-5 inches (9cm) below the skin, creating a deep treatment area. Manufacturer’s rating: 12,500 Gauss, Surface Gauss; 1200 Gauss (each magnet), Polarity: North Pole –Negative (-).
  • EFFECTIVE RELIEF: Get lasting relief from headaches, sinus issues and eye conditions as the magnetic field treats the source of the discomfort, not just the symptoms.
  • INCREASE MELATONIN PRODUCTION: When the brain senses complete darkness, it starts the production of melatonin, aiding in deep, restful sleep.


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